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Definition of the Company

Gevicar Premium Rent-a-Car is a company specialized in renting Premium cars, which was founded in Barcelona. From its headquarters in SantCugat del Vallès and after almost twenty years dedicated to this business, Gevicar is unmarked of the classic service of depersonalized renting offered by most of the companies of this sector, and we focus our most valuable proposal in the sale of a memorable experience that invariably turns in the full satisfaction of the customer.

With a very modern fleet of medium and high level cars, any person or company can enjoy a completely different rental experience.
That difference is what makes us unique in our sector, taking care of the whole pre and post service relationship with the client: from the first contact to the collection of the vehicle, through a "taylor made" assessment of the whole process. Because we do not rent hours, we offer experiences.

Gevicar team is highly professional and has a very clear mission: satisfying all the needs of our customers, understanding they are the true engine of the company. We want your experience at Gevicar Premium Rent-a-Car to be of an impeccable service and to become a memorable experience.


Delighted with the service and the treatment. Thanks to Gevicar we discovered the freedom to enjoy a break at your own pace with the best services.


Renting a car at Gevicar during the visits to Barcelona and Spain is a guarantee of full satisfaction. The quality of the service is exceptional. The quality of the product they offer is too, and they beat any standard of the industry. And the sums of the service and the product have made me feel like a unique customer. I highly recommend trying the excellence of Gevicar Premium

In one of my frequent visits to Barcelona I met Gevicar through the recommendation of a professional colleague. And the recommendation proved to be of high value for my business. As manager of a company, I need to travel from Barcelona with the tranquillity of having the car as my loyal ally. With Gevicar I have fulfilled my expectations. Because, for them, the service does not consist in the delivery and the collection of the car but in the permanent assistance during the trip. I give them a 10!

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