9 January, 2020

The new Porsche 992 now in Gevicar

It’s already available in our garage, waiting for you to be driven wherever you want, both by city, by a stretch of curves, whether mountain or […]
4 November, 2019

A very special cabrio

One of those news comes that any fan of cars likes, in Gevicar we are already waiting for the arrival of the new Porsche 992 Carrera […]
12 August, 2019

This is Gevicar

What better experience than the reality of being able to drive a car without limits? The Gevicar team specializes in offering the user a 100% real […]
16 July, 2019

Discover the new Mercedes Benz B Class

In Gevicar we always opt for the innovation and updating of our collection. This summer you will be able to enjoy driving technology like you never […]
11 March, 2019

Welcome to Gevicar, Mercedes Benz C43 AMG 2019

If there is a clear premise in Gevicar, is to offer a premium service and quality, so we are pleased to announce that from April, the […]
11 March, 2019

Spring is coming and our cabrios are waiting for you

It is very close to the spring of 2019 and in Gevicar we have prepared our entire range of cabrio cars. Sports, compact, SUV, to go […]
10 March, 2019

The comfort of an SUV and the experience of a cabrio

A base of success and a model that presents a unique design, as well as the Range Rover Evoque cabrio. From Range Rover they dared to […]